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It was high time I made it clear what was happening with this project since I last officially said anything. People have been asking, and it was wrong of me to put it off for this long:

The game has not been cancelled, and when I have time I am working on it. I just don't have nearly as much time for SSK as I did when I was younger. In that respect, the current build of the game I have is almost devoid of bugs, and the native gamepad support is functional. The game is also now using Caster as its sound engine instead of SuperSound.

There were 2 things I spent alot of time trying to make work for SSK, and it was these two things stopping me from doing anything else. The first was 4-player VS battles, but this ended up being a task that could not be done without rewritting almost every part of the game. The second was to port SSK into the new Game Maker Studio engine. Due to the underlying differences between GM8.1 and Studio , the game ended up with bugs that I could not fix without, once again, rewritting almost everything. While the engine change would have made it easier to release SSK as a multi-platform title, it just wasn't worth the time I spent trying to fix it.

While progress is still slow (due to other projects), I am putting things in bit by bit. I still don't know when the next build will come out, but you will be told as soon as possible. For all you guys who keep checking here or on Facebook waiting for news. Thanks for your patience.


| Posted on 17 Apr 2014 by VexusVersion
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by Bryce Hego at 03 Apr 2015 07:37 pm
Demo 5 download link is not working
by Uche Daniel at 23 Jan 2015 08:52 pm
Why don't you make a revised version for Game Maker Studio?
by Frost at 19 Jun 2014 02:28 pm
Um i've been wondering if this game will feature, new or old characters like on your old page, you had volcan. If you add more character's it will make the game 100% more enjoyable. i've made a small game myself and i find making character;s with sheets etc pretty damn hard, hope you can add some character's soon.

suggestions: silver, blaze, blade and blue (check super smash flash 1).
mighty, espio and super forms would make me play this till i'm 50. currently 16 and i love your work.
by Josh at 08 Jun 2014 06:03 am
Nice to see this still going. Altough saddened to not see it out yet since I first discovered it years and years ago. Keep up the good work though!
by Mysonikstwo at 16 May 2014 02:36 am
Nice to hope everything goes well.
by David at 07 May 2014 05:45 pm
Great! :)
by Beau at 26 Apr 2014 10:13 pm
Wow... Kids love to jump the gun and presume the worst. I understand this game has a lot of potential and VV can make it very hype, but this is something done in *free time* and with age comes responsibility. He would have made a announcement of the game being cancelled, hiatus, or anything else.

I should try to get back in touch with Green soon to see what other things could be improved from the 2011 demo.
You should probably wait until the game is pretty much finished before considering the port to Studio. I'd rather see a full game than one being worked for a medium like that.
by mclydian at 18 Apr 2014 01:23 am
yay i thought this was cancelled

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